Lab Introduction


Welcome to the Power Electronics for Advanced Renewable Systems Laboratory, or the PEARS Lab.

The mission of the PEARS Lab is to transform renewable and clean-energy systems through innovations in power electronics and control to enable a technologically-advanced and clean-powered global society. Our focus is to explore and realize creative solutions to problems for renewable energy systems, electric vehicles, distributed resources, microgrids, smart grid interaction, energy-efficient lighting, and more.

The PEARS Lab is now located at National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, led by Prof. Katherine A. Kim.

Research Interests

    • Power Electronics (DC-DC Converter and Inverter) for Photovoltaic Systems
    • Energy Harvesting Power Electronics for Wearables and Internet of Things
    • Photovoltaic Cell/Panel Electric and Thermal┬áModeling
    • High-Power Density Converter and Controllers
    • Power Management and Charging for Energy Storage Systems
    • Engineering Education (see Prof. Kim’s YouTube Channel)