Attended ECCE 2019 in Baltimore, MD, USA

Prof. Katherine A. Kim attended the  IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition in Baltimore, MD, USA, on September 29 – October 28, 2019. Prof. Kim served on the organizing committee as one of the Women in Engineering (WIE) Chairs.

On September 29, Prof. Kim gave a tutorial on “Differential Power Processing For Solar Photovoltaic Systems: Development and Applications”.

Tutorial at ECCE 2019

On September 30, Prof. Jin Ye (University of Georgia, USA), Prof. Norma Anglani (University of Pavia, Italy), and Prof. Kim organized the ECCE 2019 Women in Engineering Event. The event held a panel on the role of women in Energy Conversion Systems, with panelists from academia and industry in the US and worldwide.

WIE Event panel discussion at ECCE 2019

On October 2, Prof. Kim hosted the PELS-IAS WIE Breakfast where Dr. Tanya Gachovska gave a talk entitled “The Role of Mentorship in My Career Path from Bulgaria to Canada”. She shared experiences and inspiring stories from her education, personal life, and career.

WIE Breakfast attendees at ECCE 2019

On October 3, Prof. Kim received the Richard M. Bass Outstanding Young Power Electronics Engineer Award for 2019 from the IEEE Power Electronics Society. She was honored to recognized “for contributions to differential power processing converter techniques for photovoltaic applications”.

Katherine A. Kim receiving the Richard M. Bass Outstanding Young Power Electronics Engineer Award

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